You met us online, but now you’re ready for the next step. That’s right…

In 2016, GAY NERDS is coming to television!


Premiering on Sunday, May 22nd at 9pm ET/PT as part of Best of the Web, OUTtv will broadcast our first two seasons! Fantastic stuff!

With its mix of movies, drama, lifestyle, comedy, music & travel programs that appeals to both the LGBT community and a broader progressive audience, OUTtv is the perfect home for our series. And with our mix of parody, geeky references, and queer humour, we’re definitely ready for prime time. All right, Mr. DeMille, we’re ready for our close-up!

So whether this is your first time checking us out, or you’re ready to revisit us on the big(ger) screen, sit back, relax, and watch GAY NERDS on OUTtv.


Dreams really do come true! And it should come as no surprise to you that our dreams are very nerdy.


GAY NERDS will be on Space Channel! This past Monday, the Toronto Public Library held a talk with series creator JP Larocque about the genesis of the show and queer representation in the media, followed by a screening of some of his favorite episodes.

And as part of the festivities, a crew from Space Channel’s InnerSpace interviewed JP, Ryan Kerr (Sammy) and Alexandra Wylie (Lana) for an upcoming segment. It was a fantastic evening, and one made even better by bringing the show one degree closer to Orphan Black. Call us, Tatiana Maslany.


The episode airs Friday, October 2nd at 6pm & 11pm EST. Once the footage is online, we’ll make sure to post it here. And stay tuned for some exciting news about what’s next for the series. Goooooooooo GAY NERDS!

UPDATE 10/05! Here is the segment! Thanks for the love, Space Channel!


Well, that was fun. GAY NERDS creator JP Larocque participated in a panel presented by New York TimesOUT (the LGBT and Allies Affinity Network at The New York Times) on gay geek culture at New York Comic Con, and the turnout was PHENOMENAL.


Moderator Jude Biersdorfer, along with panelists Rex Ogle, Matt Con, Joey Stern, Alexa Heart and Larocque engaged in an informative discussion with an audience keen to ask questions about the future of LGBTQ representation in media.


Fun was had, things were learned, and everyone went home a winner. Special thanks to Jamie Fay and our friends Geeks OUT for being awesome human beings, and to Matt Con for the wicked photos.




PC Mag also ran a story on the panel:

“Writer and director JP Larocque, of the Gay Nerds webseries, believes economics is a major reason diverse characters have become more visible in media. There’s money to be made, he said, by appealing to the LGBTQ communities. “If you have a queer character or engage with a queer storyline, there’s an entire demographic that wants to see that storyline and wants to engage with it.”

PC Mag

Woo hoo! Full text here.

What a fantastic weekend! Stay tuned, folks. We have some exciting stuff in the pipeline…


Big news! If you’re in NYC this holiday weekend, GAY NERDS series creator JP Larocque will be participating in a panel presented by New York TimesOUT (the LGBT and Allies Affinity Network at The New York Times) on gay geek culture at New York Comic Con! Exciting!


He is very honoured to be sharing the stage with moderator Jude Biersdorfer, and panelists Matt ConnJoey Stern, Alexa Heart and Rex Ogle. And special thanks to the lovely Jamie Fay for making this happen!


Check out GAY NERDS series creator JP Larocque at Fan Expo Canada 2014!

JP will be on a panel discussing web series financing that is being presented by the Writers Guild of Canada. He’s honoured to be sharing the panel with Jill Golick (Ruby Skye P.I.), Rob Mills (Rufus the Dog), and Stephanie Kaliner (Versus Valerie).

From the Fan Expo page:

“2014 has been a big year for the web series in Canada. The first ever TO Web Fest was held in May and a ground-breaking report was released: Industry Profile of the Independent Web Series Creators of Ontario. But making a living from web series is still tough. Join some of the WGC’s leading independent web series creators as they tackle the new developments in monetization, particularly the innovative crowdfunding ideas and the growing role of broadcasters.”

Fan-Expo-CanadaSo come by and listen to him insert references to sex in a conversation about money. He’ll do it. Friday, August 29th at 3:45pm in Room 715.


Here are photos from the panel, and a link to a video of it.





Picture 1

“The combination of nerd culture, gay sass and the lampooning of fan-favorite films like Jurassic Park and 28 Days Later transcends the limitations of each of its components and becomes something amazing: a fun, funny and faithful show that uses the old to tell new stories.”

Check out the fantastic series review WebVee Guide posted of our first two seasons. Another favourite passage:

“[Gayliens] disassembles its own assumptions to achieve a greater degree of meaning beyond simple fan service, and is only one example of the artful use of self-aware parody that Larocque consistently brings to the screen.”

Make sure to read the full review here — it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for the love, folks!

In other news, we have a special bonus episode coming your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Happy Pride!

Picture 3

An older review of our first season that we just discovered!

It is very ambitious to create a web series that is essentially a scaled down sitcom. With less time and greater budgetary constrictions, there is a large margin of error. However, sometimes a little risk and self-belief in the quality of one’s work pays off and we are blessed with the delightful show that is GAY NERDS.”

Thanks, folks!


As longtime patrons of Toronto’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival and big fans of queer cinema, it was a tremendous honour to have GAY NERDS be featured as part of the festival’s very first Web Series Program. We walked the pink carpet, met tons of fans, and screened our season two finale, “The Fellowship of Sarah Michelle Gellar” (which we will be sharing with you shortly).

It was a truly fantastic day! Thanks again to the festival for letting our dreams come true.

And now for photos!


Writer/Director JP Larocque, Director of Photography/Editor Graeme Mislan, and actor Ryan Kerr yucking it up.


The web series creators! Liam Gareau (Roommates), JP Larocque (GAY NERDS), Nadine Bell (Leslieville), Chloé Robichaud (Féminin/féminin), Amy York Rubin (Little Horribles), Ingrid Jungermann (F to 7th), and Stephanie Coffey (Other Men).

Picture 3

Bringing some web series realness to the pink carpet.


Some Instagram fun! Everything looks better with filters and layout frames.


Taking the stage and introducing themselves to a packed house.


An informative Q&A session led by the festival’s Marketing and Community Manager Diana Khong!

Fun, fun, fun. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GAY NERDS!

(Photo credits to the Inside Out Film Festival, Ryan Kerr, and Patricia Mislan.)