Star Wars. Jurassic Park. Sharknado.

What does GAY NERDS have in common with these projects? Well, for one thing… they’re all on IMDB!

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Picture 2

This past weekend, we started shooting the new season! Exciting stuff. Over the course of production, we’ll be throwing up all sorts of photos, videos, and other goodies for you to enjoy, so check back often!

Mad props to our crew.


Our magical location.


Alexandra Wylie bringing the glamour.

Picture 4

A rare Streisand moment.


Gay & Knight: Coming to CBS this fall.


Meanwhile, in the tree…


At GAY NERDS, we try to keep the sexy going on both sides of the camera.


Believe it or not, this is actually Robert Keller in costume.


Nothing at all creepy about this photo.


Cast & extras hanging out.


He looks intimidating, but he’s actually quite polite.


Habits are hard to shake, even after death.


“You’ll never believe what I found growing in my garden…”


More prep. Lots of laughter.


Looking this good should be illegal.


On set!


We try to challenge stereotypes about zombies. For instance: Zombie smoking and checking social media.

Picture 2

Zombie eating *vegan* intestines.

Picture 3

Zombie giving us bedroom eyes.

Picture 12

Zombie eating *gluten-free* leg.

Picture 13

Zombie vogue realness.

Picture 14

Athletic zombie.

Picture 15

Much more to come!


After years of being convention nuts, the GAY NERDS crew had a chance to be on the other side of table promoting our second season at the annual Fan Expo Canada in downtown Toronto.

Over the course of four days, we met so many awesome folks. And the cosplay was insane! Check out some of the pics below:

IMG_6835 IMG_6869 IMG_6866 IMG_6837 IMG_6868 IMG_6870 IMG_6867 IMG_6836 IMG_6871

And our friends at The Canadian Nerd stopped by to interview us in their most recent episode:

It was a great time, and we look forward to returning next year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Updates, updates, updates! In the last few weeks, we’ve been busy little beavers!

- As we prepare to go into production on season two, we’ve been doing lots of awesome press! Last weekend, GN creator JP Larocque sat down with the folks over at The GNERD Podcast to discuss everything from the cancellation of Happy Endings to the perverted things one could do with the ability to freeze time.


The cast and crew also had the chance to chat with The Canadian Nerd last week about all sorts of fun nerdiness, plus we got to do it inside Toronto comics staple The Hairy Tarantula. (That sounds like a euphemism for what happens at the end of the night at a bear club, but trust us — it’s not.) Both interviews will be posted very soon, at which point you’ll be able to find them here!


And below is a link to a brand-spanking new interview JP did with our friends over at Geeks OUT. Lots of hints about what to expect in this season’s episodes, plus jokes about topping yourself, so check it out here!

Picture 7

- A few weeks back we had the opportunity to be a part of an exciting project with the folks over at Super Knocked Up. We shot a fun crossover episode! Starring Robert Keller (Ralphie) and John Mac Schnurr (Burnup), watch what happens when a mission to deliver a package turns into something… unexpected. Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo below!


- Are you in Toronto on June 25th? The fantastic performing arts space Videofag will be hosting Nancy and The Nerds: A Double-Bill of Toronto Queer Webseries! From the event page:

“Videofag is celebrating Toronto’s thriving queer webseries culture with a double-bill screening of JP Larocque’s award-winning comedy ‘Gay Nerds’ and Alex Castor and Jo Primeau’s fabulously ridonculous ‘Nancy’ series. Superfans and newbies are all welcome. And be prepared for some surprise performance mayhem – you’re not watching from the saftey of your computers anymore.”


Sounds pretty cool, right? $5 at the door, and things get going at 7pm. Cast and crew will be in attendance. For more info, check out the Facebook page.

And last, but certainly not least, GAY NERDS is going to be at:


That’s right. FAN EXPO CANADA 2013. Come out and meet the cast and crew, get some GAY NERDS swag, and check out a preview of season two.

Phew! Lots of stuff to look forward to, and that’s not even the episodes themselves! We’ll keep you all in the loop as we move through production — lots of fun shots and behind-the-scenes goodies.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GAY NERDS!