Fans in Toronto! Our third episode “Gayliens” will be screened as part of the Toronto Short Film Revue! Come out and see all of the Sigourney spoof action on the big screen, with proceeds going to support the making of a lovely little indie short. March 27th at 7pm, with tickets $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

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GAY NERDS, Indie Soap Award Winner 2013.


Thank you, New York City! Thanks, We Love Soaps! And thanks, Indie Soap Awards!

And, of course, special thanks to the whole GAY NERDS family: Robert Keller, Ryan Kerr, Alexandra Wylie, Graeme Mislan, Natasha Diak, Max Kennedy, David Kraft, Kurt Ilk, Rick Simm, Kirsten Dahlin Nolan, Joseph de Melo, Raymond Reid, Seye Ogunlesi, Neil Sylva, Sasha Tolstoy, Shirley Owusu, Mike Bauman, Alicia Nicole, Candice Bowers, Damian Zuch, Tina Tsai, Rob Koszegi, Matt Rajczewski, Karen Elizabeth McMichael, Ryan Edwards, Thom Fraleigh, Gabrielle Gallant, Sunny Lau, Kelvin Lee, Damir Pavelic, Elise Cousineau, Valery Gore, Kyle Kofsky, Patricia Mislan, Swiss Chalet, Celeste Percy-Beauregarde, Christine Evans, Jeremy Zuch, Forbes Campbell, Mike Pruess, Lara & Mark Oulahen, Karen Atwell, Meaghan Tellier, Eileen Lewis, Justin Brown, Jason Graine, Tommica Givens, Snap Kofsky, Django Diak-Tolstoy, Owen Lewis-Brown, Robert Nolan, Morgan Joy, Matt McCready, Hope L. Nicholson, my very patient parents, and my ex-boyfriend who criticized my career path.

Goooooooooooooooooooooo GAY NERDS!

We’re taking over the Internet! (Husbands, The Hunting Season, and Pride? Not bad company to keep, if we do say so ourselves.)

Picture 13

“GAY NERDS is all about those D&D loving, video game playing, comic book reading, men that don’t quite fit into the same “scene” as the guys from HUNTING SEASON. I hold a special place in my heart for GAY NERDS because I’m a sucker for a cute gay nerd in glasses.”

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