Check out GAY NERDS series creator JP Larocque at Fan Expo Canada 2014!

JP will be on a panel discussing web series financing that is being presented by the Writers Guild of Canada. He’s honoured to be sharing the panel with Jill Golick (Ruby Skye P.I.), Rob Mills (Rufus the Dog), and Stephanie Kaliner (Versus Valerie).

From the Fan Expo page:

“2014 has been a big year for the web series in Canada. The first ever TO Web Fest was held in May and a ground-breaking report was released: Industry Profile of the Independent Web Series Creators of Ontario. But making a living from web series is still tough. Join some of the WGC’s leading independent web series creators as they tackle the new developments in monetization, particularly the innovative crowdfunding ideas and the growing role of broadcasters.”

Fan-Expo-CanadaSo come by and listen to him insert references to sex in a conversation about money. He’ll do it. Friday, August 29th at 3:45pm in Room 715.


Here are photos from the panel, and a link to a video of it.