Dreams really do come true! And it should come as no surprise to you that our dreams are very nerdy.


GAY NERDS will be on Space Channel! This past Monday, the Toronto Public Library held a talk with series creator JP Larocque about the genesis of the show and queer representation in the media, followed by a screening of some of his favorite episodes.

And as part of the festivities, a crew from Space Channel’s InnerSpace interviewed JP, Ryan Kerr (Sammy) and Alexandra Wylie (Lana) for an upcoming segment. It was a fantastic evening, and one made even better by bringing the show one degree closer to Orphan Black. Call us, Tatiana Maslany.


The episode airs Friday, October 2nd at 6pm & 11pm EST. Once the footage is online, we’ll make sure to post it here. And stay tuned for some exciting news about what’s next for the series. Goooooooooo GAY NERDS!

UPDATE 10/05! Here is the segment! Thanks for the love, Space Channel!