All Your Internet Are Belong To Us!

We have some exciting stuff in the pipeline, and we promise they’re not Piranha Plants.

In advance of production on our second season, the GAY NERDS cast will be sitting down to talk about all things gay, nerdy, and Canadian with the fabulous web show The Canadian Nerd. More details on that soon, but check out this preview vid wherein we get name-dropped at 6:42. Holler!

Fresh off of facehugging Sigourney Weaver, our friends at Geeks OUT will be chatting with the cast and crew about what to expect in the upcoming episodes, a very special promotion, and the hottest look for the season: pregnancy pillows.


And finally, the awesome site G33KPRON will be running an interview with GAY NERDS creator JP Larocque, wherein he talks about season two, the role of gay nerdy females in the series, and future goals for the project.


Spring has sprung, and it’s looks nerdy!