GAY NERDS Series Review on WebVee Guide!

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“The combination of nerd culture, gay sass and the lampooning of fan-favorite films like Jurassic Park and 28 Days Later transcends the limitations of each of its components and becomes something amazing: a fun, funny and faithful show that uses the old to tell new stories.”

Check out the fantastic series review WebVee Guide posted of our first two seasons. Another favourite passage:

“[Gayliens] disassembles its own assumptions to achieve a greater degree of meaning beyond simple fan service, and is only one example of the artful use of self-aware parody that Larocque consistently brings to the screen.”

Make sure to read the full review here — it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for the love, folks!

In other news, we have a special bonus episode coming your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Happy Pride!