New York Comic Con 2014! – Part 2


Well, that was fun. GAY NERDS creator JP Larocque participated in a panel presented by New York TimesOUT (the LGBT and Allies Affinity Network at The New York Times) on gay geek culture at New York Comic Con, and the turnout was PHENOMENAL.


Moderator Jude Biersdorfer, along with panelists Rex Ogle, Matt Con, Joey Stern, Alexa Heart and Larocque engaged in an informative discussion with an audience keen to ask questions about the future of LGBTQ representation in media.


Fun was had, things were learned, and everyone went home a winner. Special thanks to Jamie Fay and our friends Geeks OUT for being awesome human beings, and to Matt Con for the wicked photos.




PC Mag also ran a story on the panel:

“Writer and director JP Larocque, of the Gay Nerds webseries, believes economics is a major reason diverse characters have become more visible in media. There’s money to be made, he said, by appealing to the LGBTQ communities. “If you have a queer character or engage with a queer storyline, there’s an entire demographic that wants to see that storyline and wants to engage with it.”

PC Mag

Woo hoo! Full text here.

What a fantastic weekend! Stay tuned, folks. We have some exciting stuff in the pipeline…