JP Larocque at San Diego Comic Con!

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If you’re in San Diego this weekend, GAY NERDS creator JP Larocque will be at San Diego Comic Con as part of the Dark Horse panel for the upcoming anthology The Secret Loves of Geeks.


Hope Nicholson, who edited the anthology, describes it as follows:

A new collection of intimate, vulnerable, inspiring, and touching stories about love, sex, and dating by your favourite creators of all genders. From stories about rejecting intimacy, to embracing it. Loss and love, and of course how our lifestyle as comic creators, sci-fi writers, and general fans affects it all.

The collection includes:

Cover art by: Becky Cloonan

Art by: Megan Kearney, Maddi Gonzalez

Illustrated stories by: Vita Ayala/Jessi Jordan, Saadia Muzaffar

Prose stories by: Dr. Nerdlove (Harris O’Malley), Diana McCallum, Hope Nicholson, Kristian Bruun, Gabby Rivera, Ivan Salazar, JP Larocque, Candy Palmater, Speranza, Gwen Benaway, Hope Larson, Cecil Castelluci, Patrick Rothfuss

Comics by: Dylan Edwards, Letty Wilson, Shee Phon, Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen, Maia Kobabe, Priya Huq, MariNaomi, Margaret Atwood/Michael Walsh/Jordie Bellaire, Levi Hastings, Ryan Dunlavey, Terry Blas, Amanda Deibert/Cat Staggs/Ryan Ferrier, Amy Chu/Valentine De Landro, Sfe Monster, Cara Ellison/Maddie Chaffer, Peaches, Shauna Grant, Gerard Way/Robert Wilson IV, Dana Simpson, Marley Zarcone”


The Dark Horse panel will be Friday, July 21st at 10:00am:


The Secret Loves of Geeks is the newest anthology from editor Hope Nicholson about love, sex, and dating with stories from cartoonists and professional geeks who tell their intimate, heartbreaking, and inspiring stories. Join Dark Horse creators of all genders, orientations, and cultural backgrounds for a discussion on the modern idea of love.

A signing will follow at 4:00pm at the Dark Horse Booth (BOOTH #2615):

4:00 p.m.–4:50 p.m. SECRET LOVES (OF GEEKS): Dylan Edwards, JP Larocque, Maia Kobabe, Vita Ayala

For more information on the panel, visit this link.

HAPPY CONVENTION, EVERYONE! And if you feel like catching up on old GAY NERDS eps, you can watch them here. Exciting news in the pipeline!