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“Frank Manzo’s With Somebody Who Loves Me (from July 6 at the Factory Mainspace) is subtitled A Gay Dansical, which is “a musical without the cheesy songs,” while JP Larocque’s Gay Nerds (from Wednesday, July 4, at the Factory Mainspace) looks at a trio of geeky pop culture nerds who’d rather watch old episodes of Buffy than deal with their personal lives.”

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“In the Fringe Festival last year, there was a live Dungeons & Dragons performance piece, and Michael Hughes’ show about his relationship with gay-icon Judy Garland. Smush those two experiences together, throw in a few dick jokes, and you probably have the makings of an amazing, flamboyant epic: Gay Nerds.”

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Everyone needs a good makeover.

As much as we liked the shiny collared shirts, chunky platform boots and highlights, it was time to update our look. So like Tai in Clueless, we washed out the dye, learned a new word every day (but not sporadically), and slapped on a mini-dress.

But wait? Are we still in the 1990′s?

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